Statistics Training for Consumer Research

Our statistical training courses for consumer research are for professionals wishing to take advantage of statistical methods to improve their market position. We apply key statistical techniques used in the analysis of data collected from consumer research studies, help you understand how product components work together to influence customers and optimise performance characteristics. See our current bookable courses

Examples of training include:

  • Statistics for Consumer Research
  • Introduction to Bayesian Network Analysis
  • Experimental Design for product Reformulation, Optimisation & Preference Modelling

You can download fliers for these courses here

The training is often based on a suitable statistical software package and all modules can be customised to specific requirements. We currently offer the majority of our training using XLSTAT, R project, and SENPAQ.

Don't see what you need or are you interested in our e-learning course Basic Sensory data analysis using SENPAQ? Then please complete this enquiry form and we will get back to you.

We also offer statistics training internationally in collaboration with Hal MacFie - for further details see Qi-Hal MacFie joint courses.

Why not download a copy of our training brochure.

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