Design Express

Design Express, is an easy to use statistics package that integrates with Compusense Five data collection software.

  • Have you every tried to design a fully-balanced round-robin experiment?
  • Are your designs balanced for carry-over effects and order effects?
  • Have you ever tried to balance order of trial in an incomplete block design from a textbook?

Design Express is the answer to all of these statistics problems and more.

Design Express has been designed by statisticians for use by non-statisticians. At the touch of a single button the software chooses from a wide range of designs for single and multi-session experiments.

Sensory and Consumer Statistics, Statistics Training, Statistical Consultancy

Design Express is easy to use...

  • Easy specification of requirements
  • 'Blinding' codes generated randomly in a variety of formats...
  • ..or can use existing sample codes
  • Designs can be copied directly into Excel, with its associated functionality
  • Designs can be saved for import to sensory data collection packages
  • Design properties can be readily inspected: order, concurrence, carry over

Design Express Main Features

  • Complete block designs for single or multi-session experiments
  • Incomplete block designs for single or multi-session experiments
  • Designs that have balance for presentation order effects
  • Designs that have balance for carry-over effects
  • The software draws from a comprehensive library of over 400 balanced incomplete block designs
  • Optimal search algorithms for best possible balance when library designs are not available
  • Allows designs with up to 51 samples and 435 consumers
Sensory and Consumer Statistics, Statistics Training, Statistical Consultancy

A unique feature of Design Express is the ability to construct appropriate designs when a complete set of samples is presented to all consumers over a number of sessions.

Design Express is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Qi Statistics Ltd and {Product Perceptions Ltd=]

Click here to download a demonstration copy of Design Express.

To buy a licence click here.

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