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PSI course - Statistics Fundamentals for Clinical Trials for Non-Statisticians

PSI course - Statistics Fundamentals for Clinical Trials for Non-Statisticians

(or 'How to speak stats in a day!')
Presented by Gemma Hodgson (Qi Statistics Ltd)

20th Sept, 9.15am-5pm, Reading, UK

This basic but wide-ranging course covers techniques for investigating, visualising and performing basic statistical techniques on data sets typical to industry settings. There are many basic concepts that need to be understood before statistics can be used to its full potential to give useful and informative answers. This course ensures that these concepts are understood in a non-technical way and then demonstrated using data examples.

Mathematical details are kept to a necessary minimum and we focus on the interpretation of statistical output and illustrate applications with data from dummy clinical trials or published data. The objective of the course is not to teach you how to become a statistician, but to help you work with statisticians and get the maximum value from statistical output.

Target Audience:

This is a 1-day course, aimed to introduce statistics to people who work on Clinical Trials, but who are not Statisticians. No previous knowledge of Statistics is assumed as we start right at the beginning with the basics. Many practical examples are given and the emphasis is on application and understanding rather than the equations and the technical background.

The basics of statistics are discussed to give background and a common base to start from and the applications and use of statistics in drug development is then discussed. The role of the statistician and their ability to help with decision making is also discussed.

It also serves as a useful refresher course to those who once studied statistics as part of a college course.

To download the flyer for further info please click here

Please register online here at the PSI website and scroll to the bottom of the page to book and pay for a place.

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