OptiPAQ Version 1 Copy

£499.00 exc VAT

Great for Optimisation

Generates graphical output - exportable

Easy and quick to import data

Powerful Statistical modelling in background

OptiPAQ Version 1 from Qi Statistics Ltd is designed to help companies in the sensory and consumer markets adjust product attributes to maximise performance. Using the data from sensory panels and known attributes, users can predict product performance against an overall rating such as 'Overall Liking'.

OptiPAQ applies Partial Least Squares (PLS) regression through an easy to follow menu to deliver a graphical representation of how (in this case) product 'Overall Liking' can be improved by varying the product characteristics.

The results, including detailed statistics and a copy of the contour map can then be exported to Excel.

To download a tutorial to go with the product please click here

Any information you submit will be handled by Qi staff and not used for any purposes other than the software registration and payment systems requirements. We will never sell or pass on your personal data for marketing purposes unless you give us permission.
For details of our data privacy policy please click here.

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