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Product Optimisation Using Ingredients/Processes and Sensory/Consumer Data, Edinburgh, Aug19

Edinburgh, UK, 2nd August 2019


Edinburgh, UK, 2nd August 2019, Product Optimisation using Design of Experiments

This one day workshop following the Pangborn conference in Edinburgh covers the approaches to product optimisation which control the recipes/processing variables tested with the aim of giving clear guidance on the key drivers of sensory/consumer responses. There are many different software tools which help with this, creating the experimental sample designs and providing graphical analysis to aid interpretation of the results. We will use Design Expert (www.statease.com) and there will be opportunities for you to "play" with the software and evaluate its ease of use and functionality.

Workshop Outline

  • Motivation for use of structured sample designs.
  • Finding the key influences on consumer liking and sensory characteristics and uncovering interactions between ingredients and process parameters.
  • Using these key parameters to plan further studies to optimise and predict liking.
  • Dealing with more difficult problems -investigating the complete recipe or mixture.
  • Visualisation of the response surfaces, simultaneous optimisation of several performance measures including cost.

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