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Analysis of Variance Masterclass, Windsor, May19

Windsor, 15th May 2019


Windsor, UK, 15th May 2019

This one-day workshop gives you the opportunity to consider issues that we are sure you worry about from time to time in your everyday analysis of consumer and sensory test data. Our key tool is Analysis of Variance but this technique makes assumptions about the underlying distributions in our data - what are these assumptions and do they matter? We will cover repeated measures analysis, when and how it should be used and look at simple nested models..
We will also discuss the over reliance on statistical significance in reporting data, the relevance (or not) of multiple comparison tests and alternative approaches using randomisation tests.
The day will be carried out using the ANOVA functionality in XLSTAT.

  • Planned to coincide with the Qi Colloquium the following day
  • Part of the new 'Jamboree series' of 1-day workshops and masterclasses
  • Developed and written by Dr Hal Macfie and Anne Hasted and taught by Anne Hasted

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