*Latest: Summer 2017, Qi New Look Newsletter bursting full of upcoming Events!

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Summer 2017 - Qi New Look Newsletter bursting full of upcoming Events!
Spring 2017 - Qi joins ESN and clustering CATA data
December 2016 - Mary Jenner joins Qi
July 2016 - Best Paper at QoMEX 2016
March 2016 - Why use consultants in statistics?
October 2015 - World Statistics Day
August 2015 - Pangborn Update
June 2015 - Advanced statistics for manufacturing
September 2014 - Processes
September 2014 - SenPAQ V6
July 2014 - Training Cafeteria
February 2014 - Training Update
July 2013 - Quicknotes
March 2013 - Webinars
September 2012 - Thierry Worch joins Qi
March 2012 - Gemma Hodgson joins Qi

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