About Qi Statistics

Qi Statistics offers a full statistical consultancy, training and reporting service to research and industry.

Data, statistical thinking and analytics have become pervasive in business, especially in the last decade, dramatically changing the way we view our customers, our products and our processes.

Whether you are a sensory or consumer scientist, a manufacturing engineer or a business manager, we have a range of services to help demystify this often challenging subject.

Maximise the value from your data, don’t get lost in it!


Coronavirus update...

At Qi, thankfully everyone here is well and it's business as usual but we are now offering most of our planned public courses online only until end of 2022...find out more!


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"We all found Gemma really engaging, and a great trainer - happy to repeat things as necessary and not move at the pace of the quickest learner"

Regression Training, October 2021

"Congrats to Anne - I have never had a statistic course or something similarly complex, in which I felt as much supported and comfortable as in your courses"

Hands on Analysis of Consumer Test Data using XLSTAT, June 2021


Dates for online courses for 2022 now available

We have now published a list of all our current planned online courses for 2022. This includes all the Qi-Hal … Continued

Qi & Sensory Dimensions poster award

Qi Statistics Ltd and Sensory Dimensions were the joint winners of the Sensometrics & Data Science poster category at the … Continued

Remote Training packages continue due to Coronavirus!

At Qi, it’s mainly business as usual during these trying times, as we run a virtual office anyway, so we … Continued

Joshua Brain Joins Qi

We are delighted to announce that Joshua has joined the team. Joshua has had a broad and varied education in … Continued

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