Face-to-face training is back, but online training packages continue

At Qi, it’s mainly business as usual now, with a swift and ever growing return to face-to-face training. We feel it’s the optimum setting for people to really gain the maximum benefit from a training experience with one-on-one support in the same room.

Do not fear however!

Remote training packages have proven useful for those who are not able to travel or prefer to learn in small chunks, and our online training has been well received over the last few years and so we will continue to add to our list of topics. These modular online training packages include a lecture, plus pdf of course slides, workshops with datasets for you to do using the software (where applicable) and email support for 2 weeks after the event (or your purchase) to get help with questions and the workshop material! Some sessions are able to be recorded so are available to purchase afterwards if you miss them, from our online training page.

If you are interested in any particular topics please get in touch and we will try to prioritise those for you!

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