On this page you can get information and book a place on courses written jointly by Qi Statistics and Hal MacFie. From 2019 these courses are hosted by Qi Statistics rather than Hal MacFie, but the great insight Hal has provided still remains, along with updates and enhancements to keep up with current sensory and consumer methodology and trends.

Remote & Rapid Descriptive Methods - 1 - 5 March 2021 - with Sensory Dimensions

Online with Sensory Dimensions, UK

March 1, 2021

This 5 session event will introduce you to the theory, practice and statistical analysis of the rapid descriptive methods NAPPING, FLASH and FREE CHOICE PROFILING.

Hands on Sensory Statistics, New York – postponed

New York

June 30, 2021

Virtual option available

This 3 day course forms a hands-on introduction to key statistical methods needed by a sensory scientist. Emphasis is given to the practical decision making based on the results of each analysis.

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