Cosmetics in space, statistically speaking…

In May, Gemma was invited to speak at the Society of Cosmetic Scientist Annual Conference, National Space Centre, on the use of statistics in cosmetic science, entitle ‘Adding Value with Statistics – Pleasure or Pain’. The venue was amazing, with all the talks being projected onto the planetarium roof! One certain way to liven up statistics…

The talk touched on why statistics is becoming more and more necessary and useful, in the rapidly changing and vast landscape scientist and researchers now find themselves in, opening with an example from a well known advert from the 70’s involving cats and their food choices! The talk focussed on the key steps to success in bring statistics into cosmetics trials, from the design stage right through to analysis and reporting.

Key concepts on trial design, addressing variability, results presentation and interpretation were mentioned in a light hearted and engaging way, making it accessible to all participants regardless of background.

Contrary to popular belief the additional time spent on adding some statistical rigour to your data summaries does not have to be time consuming, difficult or costly. The talk was a guide through the statistical jungle to provide a starting point for how you might add integrity to your claims without the expected pain!

To find out more about the use of statistics in experimental food, cosmetic, scientific and manufacturing trials or get a copy of the talk, please get in touch. 

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