Use this page to download the TurfPAQ. If you have been given a licence key, then enter this key into the installed program to register your copy. Without a licence key, the software enters a fully functional demonstration mode, the only restriction is that it can only be used with the example data set provided.

The setup program will place a tutorial guide to TURF and the example data set called ‘SoupVarieties.xls’ in the installation directory (default location is normally C:\Program Files\TurfPAQ). If you are new to TURF then the tutorial will help you understand the program features and output. Once the software is installed, the tutorial is available from the program menu at the bottom left of the screen.

To download TurfPAQ first complete the form. After you click to download, select the save button to save the file to your hard drive. To install the software, close down your browser and any other programs that are running. Finally, use Windows Explorer to locate the file TurfPAQ_Setup_v31.exe and double click to start the installation.

TurfPAQ download

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