EyeOpenR latest version – new generation analysis tool for sensory & consumer research

Qi Statistics in partnership with EyeQuestion Software has recently been making updates and improvements to our easy to use analysis tool for sensory and consumer research. EyeOpenR® is a state of the art, web-based software system providing advanced statistics and graphics through an intuitive interface.

EyeOpenR® reads your data from an Excel file (or EyeQuestion®) and helps you check its quality. You select which attributes, products, sessions and panelists you wish to analyze and the statistical tests you want performed – all from a simple to use wizard interface. EyeOpenR® does the rest, providing as much analysis detail as you need and producing a report with tables and editable graphics. Graphs exported to Excel can still be edited and in the near future you can export straight to Word and PowerPoint.

For more information and to download a leaflet click here

Why not try it for free?
EyeOpenR® software is available now as a web-based service(SaaS). Go to www.eyeopenr.com and request a free trial. You will receive a free login valid for one month so you can analyse some of your own data.

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