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In July, Anne and Gemma attended the UK JMP® User forum at Abbott in Witney, UK, with Anne presenting her recent venture into the world of analysing textual data using the recently released new tool – JMP® Text Explorer.

Anne presented on how useful it was to pick out key themes in groups of text data – which up until now has been difficult to summarise quantitatively with standard statistical software. The text explorer not only produces some nice word clouds but allows for some fairly advanced analytical methods to be used to quantify the key messages that the text data is concealing. 

The day was well attended with some interesting talks on the varied work that JMP® users are doing across the UK, gaining useful insights and learnings to maximise the value of their in house data as well as updates from the JMP® guys on the improvements and additions in the latest release JMP14, including the functional data explorer tool – watch this space as more info on this will come soon in a later blog.

For more info on how the text explorer could help you please contact us on

Or follow this link to access the UK JMP® Users forum page.

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