Discrimination Testing App

One stop shop for all your discrimination test needs including sample sizing

This easy to use App gives you all the statistical tools that you need to plan and analyse the most widely used discrimination tests:

  • Triangle
  • Tetrad
  • Duo-Trio
  • 2-AFC
  • 3-AFC


Test Design

First – design your test properly for optimum results. The app provides sample size calculations for both difference and similarity tests, using thresholds based on either proportion of discriminators or Thurstonian d’.


Once the test is complete, the test data can either be input from a .csv file or as summary counts. The analysis give a significance test followed by estimates of proportion correct, proportion of discriminators and d’ together with useful confidence intervals to a user specified level. The analysis can be based on the hypothesis of difference or similarity (with a user specified threshold for similarity).

Replicated tests are accommodated together with Beta- Binomial modelling and adjustment when required.

Once finalised the results can be exported in an easy to use format (.csv and .png files).

Key features
  • Web based
  • Simple to use
  • Easy data file input structure
  • App can perform difference or similarity tests
  • Complex stats method made easy – both classical and thurstonian methods available, with confidence intervals given
  • Replicated test analysis available with the beta-binomial model
  • Simple summary statistics presented
  • Exportable results
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