Discrimination Tests using EyeOpenR: Beyond the Triangle and Tetrad – 24 Jan 2024 @ 14:00 GMT+1 / BST

Product code: Discrimination Tests using EyeOpenR: Triangle and Tetrad (USA)

Remote training

May 19, 2022 - May 19, 2022

This remote learning package consists of a live interactive lecture delivered online by Joshua Brain, together with workshops for you to complete in your own time (solutions and data sets provided), plus a pdf of the lecture notes and email support whilst you are completing the workshop after the course for up to two weeks.


Course Description:

There are many available discrimination tests available to sensory and consumer scientists: understanding how and why to use one method over another can ultimately lead your business to make better decisions (save money, improve/maintain quality, not miss an opportunity)

Online software EyeOpenR provides you with many modern discrimination tests, including but not limited to the popular Triangle and Tetrad tests. In this online webinar we cover other tests that offer several advantages. These tests can be categorised into two groups: one examining pre-specified attributes (e.g., sweetness); the other looking at holistic differences (overall difference)

This webinar will showcase the Duo-Trio and Difference From Control as holistic tests and the 2-Alternative Forced Choice and 3-Alternative Forced Choice as specified tests. Furthermore, we’ll help to demystify the differences between various discrimination tests. Through a combination of materials (webinar, slides and exercises) you will gain confidence and experience in using different discrimination tests for different business needs.

  • Holistic discriminations tests: Duo-trio and Difference from Control
  • Directional discrimination tests: 2-AFC and 3-AFC
  • Clarify EyeOpenR’s functionality



  • A basic understanding of statistics is assumed (i.e., knowledge of statistical terminology and summary measures such as mean, variance, standard deviation).

About the Trainer:

Joshua Brain has had a broad and varied education in statistics, with a BSc (Hons) Psychology degree complemented by MSc Sensory Science at the University of Copenhagen, which included several modules in advanced statistics and chemometrics. Joshua has gained valued and diverse experience of working within both industry and academia prior to joining Qi: several years of co-managing a leading behavioural science lab at Aarhus University was followed by consumer technical insight roles in FMCG providing statistical support within the business at Mars and pladis.



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