Getting More out of Data Basic Statistics Using EXCEL

Product code: BUS5-0

Duration: 2 days

No previous statistics knowledge is required

Course Summary
We start by explaining basic statistical summary measures and their interpretation. We will show you how to use EXCEL Pivot tables to cross tabulate data and also how to display data graphically and interpret the graphs. We then investigate relationships between performance measures and show you how to investigate data trends.

Microsoft Excel

We can customise the module content to meet specific requirements.

Course content

  • Data Display – histograms, pareto charts, statistical distributions
  • Summary Statistics
    • measures of average mean, median
    • measures of variation range, standard deviation
    • key linkage between the two measures
    • percentiles
  • EXCEL Pivot tables
  • Assessing individual data values, outliers
  • Investigating relationships between variables – correlation
  • Simple Trend Analysis
  • Decision making based on samples –sampling uncertainty, standard errors and confidence intervals
  • Testing for difference in measured responses
  • Testing for difference in response rates
  • How large a sample do I need?
  • Concept of power

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