How to Communicate Statistical Concepts

Product code: GEN0-0

Duration: Half day

What you will gain from this workshop

The aim of the course is to give you confidence in both understanding and questioning the presentation of statistical results.

A curiosity about statistics and a job role that involves reporting statistical results to colleagues or clients.

Course Summary
This workshop discusses common problems and issues in explaining statistical results. The main focus is on the correct use and interpretation of statistical significance and discussion of alternative performance metrics, particularly with reference to “big data”. The workshop is built around output from typical statistics software packages and group discussions.

None required

We can customise the module content to meet specific requirements.

Course Content

  • The statistical hypothesis test – could it be more confusing?
  • Statistical significance – what it does and does not measure
  • Are confidence intervals more useful? Construction and interpretation
  • Measuring effect size
  • Correlation v Causation

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