Improving Influence and Increasing Impact: Essential Skills for Statisticians, Programmers & Scientists

Product code: GEN0-1

Duration: Half day


This half-day course is aimed at statisticians, programmers, scientists or other primarily technically focussed people who want to improve their consultancy style interactions within their internal project teams and/or with external customers and understand the impact of their own behaviours and interaction preferences.

Course summary

The landscape is changing across industry and as technically minded people, in order to continually add value, we must make sure we adapt. This course will focus on what this means for statisticians, programmers and scientists outside the technical aspects of their role. Of critical importance is self-awareness during our interactions, working effectively in teams, influencing, being customer focussed and understanding our own consulting and leadership styles.

Now more than ever we need to be creative and influential thinkers with business acumen who can work with our colleagues from other disciplines, not just be technical experts – we need to be proactive partners with strong communication skills.

This course will lead participants, in a non-threatening and encouraging atmosphere, through the process of understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and what this means when working as a strategic partner or as part of a larger team. It will include workshops to practise the skills and behaviours discussed. The day is extremely interactive, with no software, computers or equations involved! The workshops and group exercises pull out and give hands on experience of the key concepts to be understood but in an environment where no one should feel exposed or uncomfortable.

Course content

  • Understanding your ‘preferences’ (using a Myer-Briggs type profiling preference tool)
  • Effective Team working
  • Questioning styles
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Owning your own development

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