LOVR (Liking Optimisation Visualiser in R)

External Preference Mapping made simple!

At last – a simple and quick way to do real preference mapping of consumer liking patterns with good visualisations!

If you really want to understand how the consumers are thinking with respect to your product set, but you don’t want to or know how to set these more advanced analyses up, then this is the app for you!  The app is designed to be very user friendly and simple to use, yet behind the scenes some powerful modelling is going on.

The LOVR App provides a rapid way of obtaining an external preference map in the format of a contour plot of consumer liking, overlaid on top of a product map. The superimposed contours show how the level of consumer liking varies across all areas of the product map, the idea being to visually appreciate which area or areas of the product map are the best one(s) to position a product which will be well liked by all consumers, or by a particular subset of the consumers.

The user supplies two external axis variables which are the (x,y) coordinates of the products on the map – typically these would be principal component scores obtained from the table of sensory attribute means, but could be the axes of any multivariate map derived from any type of product data. Consumer data is also needed alongside the external axes in the form of one or more additional variables.

  • Easy to bring in data
  • Easy to use
  • Great visualisations
  • Choice of models*
  • Chance to add supplementary variables

*The App offers the option of fitting a response surface model to a single consumer variable, typically a mean liking score, or to fit multiple response surface models to individual consumer variables.


Upon purchase you will get a unique access to the server where the app is stored, (so no need for extensive installs and permissions) via a username and password. There is also a help file and example to help you use the software initially.

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