Panel Performance Webinar (Access to recording only)

Webinar recording

  • Why do your panel members differ in their scores?
  • 30 minute whistle stop tour of the key aspects of panel performance
  • Does it matter?
  • Simple explanations
  • How can you work out WHY they differ?
  • What does all the panel performance jargon actually mean?


All you need to know about panel and panellist performance!

Do you want to fully understand your panel and how they may be performing?
It could be affecting your results…

Do you want to understand the differences between your panel members? Is it due to the products they are testing, or their use of the scale, or their ability to discriminate, or their repeatability, or ???

In this webinar Dr Thierry Worch gives a 30 minute presentation on the key ideas behind the how and why of panel performance, including a simply explained look at the statistical models behind some of the different approaches and a look at what the outputs you might see actually mean.

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