Qi-Sensenova International Statistics Training with Sensory Focus

Product code: Qi-Sens-Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil

March 2, 2020 - March 6, 2020

This programme offers two modules, the first gives a hands-on introduction to those statistical methods needed by a consumer or sensory scientist. Emphasis is given to the practical decision making based on the results of each analysis. Participants will apply the methods to real life data using the easy to use XLSTAT software and will be guided by the written solutions that are a unique feature of our training. These solutions give you the possibility to pick up the notes after 6 months or a year and remind yourself how the technique works and then apply it to your own data. There will be the opportunity to purchase XLSTAT at a discounted price. The second module gives an overview of further techniques available to address particular research questions. We will outline each technique and its objectives using case study examples.

Module One – The Basics:  2 days

Target audience – beginners in applying statistical methods to data collected from consumer or sensory panels science as well as anyone wanting a refresher on the concepts and practices of statistical analyses. There will be practical exercises using XLSTAT with written solutions

Module Two – Advanced:  1 Day

Target audience – those experienced in consumer and sensory science who would like to broaden their knowledge of techniques available.

The Trainer

Anne Hasted began her career as an academic statistician at Reading University. She is the founder and senior consultant at Qi Statistics Ltd, a UK based consultancy, offering statistical training and support to research and industry. She has many years training and consultancy experience in the food industry, particularly in the areas of consumer and sensory research and is well recognised for providing user friendly training courses.

Other course information


If you are attending module 1 you will require a laptop with Excel and XLSTAT (Basic + Sensory) installed. If you do not have an XLSTAT licence, please download a trial version which runs for 14 days; or a licence can be purchased from Qi Statistics with a  50% discount.


Pricing and Fees*

Prices are being charged in Brazilian REAL as follows:

Until 31/12/2019 Until 31/01/2020
Module 1 R$3800   (approx £700) R$4000   (approx. £740)
Module 2 R$1900   (approx £350) R$2000   (approx. £370)
Module 1 and 2 R$5415   (approx £1000) R$5700   (approx. £1050)


NB: * Prices reflected in Pounds at the current exchange rate of 1GBP = 5.4225 BRL

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Course leaflet

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