Statistical analysis of consumer data – Module C14 – Combining data sets to visualise the link between product characteristics & preferences – External preference mapping

Product code: Product Optimisation

Remote training

November 6, 2024 - November 6, 2024

Virtual option available

A graphical technique to visualise how liking (by individual consumer or on average) varies over a product space and to thus predict “sweet spots” in the sensory space.

What this course will cover:

  • Overlaying liking on sensory/CATA product map either using mean scores or by fitting models to all respondents individually. 
  • Models used : vector, circular, elliptical, quadratic – differences explained 
  • Discussion of both approaches 
  • Estimating the sensory range for ideal products 
  • XLSTAT PREFMAP routine evaluated critically 

Pre-requisite: familiarity with PCA Module 3a 

This course is a live session, but a recording can also be purchased afterwards. Please contact us.

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You will need the latest version of XLSTAT installed on your computer. If you don’t have a licence you can download a 14-day trial version.


Each module is 2 hours.

Start time 1pm GMT

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