"We all found Gemma really engaging, and a great trainer - happy to repeat things as necessary and not move at the pace of the quickest learner"

Regression Training, October 2021

"Really enjoyed being exposed to a new type of analysis that would be very useful for my research"

Conjoint Analysis, July 2021

"Really well explained and very relevant with relevant examples. Thank you!"

Conjoint Analysis, July 2021

"Anne was fantastic and I really enjoyed it. It seemed like time really well spent. I was glad we went through the workshops during the course, but I definitely wanted to go over them again much slower, and when I have my own data, so I'm glad we have the resources to do that step-by-step in our own time"

Hands on Analysis of Consumer Test Data using XLSTAT, June 2021

"Congrats to Anne - I have never had a statistic course or something similarly complex, in which I felt as much supported and comfortable as in your courses"

Hands on Analysis of Consumer Test Data using XLSTAT, June 2021

"Attending Anne’s course is always so much fun, she makes statistics easy to understand and fun to learn"

Hands on Sensory Statistics, March 2021

"The training was very important to me to close several gaps I had in my knowledge"

Hands on Sensory Statistics, March 2021

"I really enjoyed the training course. The examples and exercise guide were particular useful to go through"

Preference Modelling using PLS in XLSTAT, November 2021

"I like your practical approach and your enthusiasm when explaining. I believe that is very important. For me, it is not all about how much a person knows but how well they are able to explain it"

At your Company bespoke training feedback, February 2021

"I would like to thank Joshua for his outstanding competences shared during the course. Every topic was clear and the extra support given was really appreciated"

Discrimination Tests using EyeOpenR: Beyond the Triangle and Tetrad, December 2021

I am very thankful to Gemma for her valuable input on the training material but also for your excellent co-presenting during the training sessions!

At your Company bespoke training feedback, December 2021

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