Statistics Training for Sensory Analysis

Sensory and Consumer Statistics, Statistics Training, Statistical Consultancy

Applying the correct statistical techniques to sensory data is key to gaining a clear understanding of studies where there is a lot of natural variation. Failure to extract meaningful information from the data can lead to poor inappropriate marketing decisions costing valuable resources. We routinely offer our training using XLSTAT, JMP, EyeOpenR and 'R' (The R Project). See our current bookable courses

Follow this link to download typical statistical training courses for sensory analysis.

We also offer statistical training internationally in collaboration with Hal MacFie and Herb Meiselman - for further details see Hal MacFie joint courses or Herb Meiselman joint courses.

For a list and dates of all upcoming training courses including those with joint providers, click on the 'Book Training' button on the right.

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You can also download a copy of our training brochure.

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