Making Data do the Work: Essential and Advanced Statistics for Manufacturing R&D

Product code: MAN4-3

Duration: 3 days

This series of courses covers the statistical techniques for investigating, performing and interpreting common statistical techniques on data sets typical to manufacturing. There are many basic concepts that need to be understood before statistics can be used to its full potential to give useful and informative answers to the business and there are also many ways statistics can be taught and learnt! This course aims to break the myth that statistics is ‘boring’ or ‘too tricky’ and show you how it actually could save you time and improve your working day!

No previous knowledge is required for Day 1 and once Day 1 is completed, participants will be ready to take on either of the other 2 day courses. If day 1 is not attended, a basic awareness of how statistics is used is assumed, together with an understanding of the topics covered on the day 1 course. However there will be plenty of reminders of statistical concepts given along the way throughout both of the 2 day courses.

Course Summary
The course ensures that statistical concepts are understood in a non-technical way and then applied using real data examples and relevant software. The software of choice for the course will be MINITAB.

We aim to explain the objectives of the techniques and to send you away with a better understanding of which technique to use when and how to run these in the MINITAB software package.

Mathematical details are kept to a necessary minimum and where used are thoroughly and non-technically explained. The focus is on the interpretation of the outputs from MINITAB and illustrated with examples using data from a variety of manufacturing scenarios. There is plenty of opportunity for practice using MINITAB through “hands on exercises” for which annotated solutions are provided.


There are several possible options for attending this course, either as day 1 alone (1 day in total), either of the 2 day courses alone (2 days in total), or day 1 plus one of the 2 day options (3 days in total). More details in the individual aspects of the course are given below, however if you would like more information or to discuss customizing examples with your typical data please contact us.

Course content
Day 1: Fundamental Statistical Concepts and Analysis Methods (optional)


Days 2 & 3 (Option 1): Assessing Quality – Process Control, Capability & Measurement Systems Analysis

OR Days 2 & 3 (Option 2): Experimental Design for Process Development and Improvement

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