Modeling Trends and Forecasting for Business Analysis

Product code: BUS5-1

Duration: 1 day

What you will gain on this course

You will learn how to fit and critically assess models for predicting key business responses, how to identify redundant predictors and how to deal with the inevitable interdependencies in temporal data

Some knowledge of basic statistical concepts is assumed (mean, standard deviation, significance testing). This is offered in one of our other courses for Business customers (Understanding Basic Statistics: Non-software Based Course Code BASICS-1.0)

A statistical software package with some time series forecasting is required (XLSTAT®, MINITAB®, JMP®®, etc.).

We can customise the module content to meet specific requirements.

Course Content

  • Linear regression – how it works, assumptions and limitations. Variable selection techniques, modelling curvature.
  • Applications to sales forecasting with seasonal effects, importance of checking assumptions
  • Introduction to time series modelling
    • Forecasting techniques
    • Smoothing techniques
    • ARIMA models

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