Process Capability Workshop

Product code: MAN4-2

Duration: 1 day

No previous statistics training is required

Course Summary
We offer this training to enable the understanding of statistical process capability measures (Cp, Cpk, etc) and to interpret capability analysis outputs. Through this course you will better understand the assumptions made in the analysis and how to deal with data that does not meet these assumptions. We will address the question of how much data is required to assess process capability reliably. The course is suitable for anyone wanting to better understand the impact of their data on their manufacturing processes, to improve production levels, decrease costs, improve precision and overall improve the efficiency of their processes.

Access to a general statistics package is required to take part in the course workshops and have a go yourselves at analyzing some data to fully understand how to apply the course content. We recommend MINITAB but can also advise on the appropriateness of other software packages such as XLSTAT, JMP etc. Usually free demo versions can be used for the training if the software is not already available, so no purchases are necessary.

We can customise the module content to meet specific requirements.

Course Content

  • Statistics refresher
  • Process Capability
  • Design of Capability studies –sample size
  • Non Normal Data
  • What to do if process not capable
  • Identifying assignable sources of variation

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